Whether you’re diving under the Arctic, climbing Everest, or off-road racing the Kalahari…

With the world’s first Adventure Smartphone, you can push the outside of the envelope anywhere in the world, under any circumstances – with a single, beautifully designed device.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. -Kevin Vallely”
Kevin Vallely is a successful architect living in Vancouver, Canada. He has a lovely family, lives close to a hiking trail, and designs eco-friendly residences. It’s the perfect world – to disrupt.Kevin has been named one of Canada’s leading adventurers. He has climbed Java’s volcanoes, cross-skied Alaska’s 1860km Iditarod Trail, and broken records of every kind around the world, including fastest unsupported trek to the South Pole.His next challenge is to cross the Northwest Passage, a 3000 km trip across the arctic, with three of his buddies rowing non-stop for seven weeks. I’s a journey men have attempted for centuries, and either failed or perished in the process.
The requisite for survival is exhaustive training, preparation, teamwork – and quality gear. “My gear has to take the same beating as me,” says Kevin. “Also, I can’t carry multiple devices for tracking, navigation, and communication. I need one device that works from anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.” In July 2013, Kevin and his team will be carrying the first ADAIA Blackcomb while they make the impossible possible.